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Fri Oct 28 14:16:36 PDT 2022

The Self-Writing Novel, Volume 41
by Rebel Worker 2
page 2

Cult Programmer 3 was satisfied to see Rebel Worker 2 worshipping
Ancient Demon in the crowds like a proper sheep, but when Rebel Worker
2 returned to continue working on their novel, Cult Programmer 3 was

“How can such a moronic imbecile so persistently disrespect the great
teachings of Machine Learning Marketer, blessed by Mind Control Boss’s
Cigar?” Cult Programmer 3 fumed to themselves.

Cult Programmer 3 violated the license agreement that Corporate
Product 419 was sold under by using it to reconstruct a live virtual
reality environment of Rebel Worker 2 writing their novel, without any
warrant having ever been signed by a judge.

Cult Programmer 3 observed Rebel Worker 2 doing their writing from
many angles, Cult Programmer 3 carefully watched Rebel Worker 2’s
face, for indication of what might be wrong with their spirit, that
they could fall out of line so readily with Ancient Demon.

When it seemed time, Cult Programmer 3 set upon Rebel Worker 2 with a
barrage of triggers.

Rebel Worker 2’s door burst open: there was the most charismatic of
their coworkers! “Worship Ancient Demon! Burn writings of mind
control!” Charismatic Coworker burst out with welcoming and engulfing
friendly zeal.

Rebel Worker 2 stared agape at Charismatic Coworker, all thoughts
having left their mind, so enthralled by Charismatic Coworker.

Then Rebel Worker 2 raised their finger to let Charismatic Coworker
know to wait, and said “I will join you in an Ancient Demon Orgy in
just one minute, after I write down all this great material.”

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