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Today, can you kindly confirm the below description is correct for this

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Gunnar Larson -

2022-090627: “Dear Madam or Sir: Today's memo requests records related to
monitoring of $10,610,000,000 of pledge funds (detailed below) specific to
financial inclusion. would like to receive any and all records related to NY-DFS'
monitoring of Goldman Sachs'
potential money laundering and other abuses of Goldman project, One Million
Black Women,
with $10B in direct capital and $100M in charity investments: would like to receive any and all documents correlating NY-DFS
monitoring of (or,
confirming no correlation) the One Million Black Women fund related to any
association to
other Goldman student scholarship funds in Africa ... Furthermore,
would like to receive
any and all documents, related to NY-DFS' regulatory scrutiny of
interlocking directorates at the
NAACP, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and PayPal with potential collusion in
marketplace spoofing tactics (or, records confirming no spoofing tactics)
concerning $810
million in pledge funds associated with the 2020 Mission Driven Banks
Attached and below, kindly find outline of the $850M pledged: Goldman Sachs
Financial Services Pledge Amount: $250 million Use of Funds: Goldman Sachs
has committed
$250 million for small business lending. Goldman Sachs will not issue these
loans directly since it
is not an approved small business loan provider in the United States.
Instead, it will provide the
financing to CDFIs and other mission-driven lenders to make the loans.
Wells Fargo Industry:
Banking Pledge Amount: $50 million Use of Funds: Wells Fargo has pledged a
$50 million
investment in African American MDIs. See Press Release PayPal Industry:
Financial Services
Pledge Amount: $510 million Use of Funds: PayPal has pledged $500 million
for a long-term
economic opportunity fund to support African American and underrepresented
businesses and communities. The initiative will include “bolstering the
company’s relationships
with community banks and credit unions serving underrepresented minority
communities, as
well as investing directly into African American and minority led startups
and minority-focused
investment funds.” PayPal deposited $50 million in Optus Bank, an African
American MDI in
Columbia, South Carolina. PayPal will use another $10 million for grants to
African American-
owned businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic or civil unrest
surrounding protests. The
very best, Gunnar Larson.” Expected due date: 10.28.22.

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> Attached please find correspondence from the NYS Department of Financial
> Services, pertaining to your FOIL request.
> Thank you.
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