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> Promote Vaccines

PROJECT VERITAS: Mayor Eric Adams Official Reveals Admin Has ‘No
Sympathy’ For Public Sector Employees Forced Out of Jobs Due to C•19
Vaccine Mandate
Covid Vaccine Hysteria Compilation
Disinformation was not used to emotionally blackmail people into
taking the ‘vaccines’. Glad we’ve cleared that up.
Von Ursula is married to the German doctor Heiko von der Leyen… who is
director of Orgenesis, which is owned by Pfizer… the same company that
Ursula signed a 71 billion euro contract with to buy an astronomical
4.6 billion doses (10 per citizen)…
Jeremy Hunt, WEF puppet & now controller of the UK’s economy, talking
with excitement about China’s strict lockdown policies. #WEFmustDie
The US Govt spent $10billion on vaccine propaganda, using tv, news,
sports & social media to brainwash people. Same in most other
The US CDC proving beyond doubt that they are a corrupt organisation
working on behalf of Pharma. Remember the names of the ACIP committee.
This reckless action is final proof of the cynicism, corruption +
capture of a once exemplary public health agency. ACIP members have
demonstrated that fealty to their pharma overlords eclipses any
residual concerns they may harbor for child welfare.
>From an official NHS doc in 2021 explaining how to persuade young
people to take the jabs. ‘Explain implications of not being vaccinated
for seeing loved ones by focussing on the potential regret one might
feel if they were not vaccinated & were to subsequently infect
The US National Institutes of Health is a corrupt organisation. In the
last decade 1800 employees have received a combined $350 million in
payments from pharmaceutical companies. That's $195,000 average each.
For 2 yrs those of us that ‘get our facts from the internet’ have been
telling people the jabs weren’t tested to ‘prevent transmission’ or
‘serious illness’ in the trials & the govt & media were lying. Now
Pfizer have admitted it, are these people angry? No, they’ve ‘moved
Govt are in cover up mode, they are criminals. Parliament is a
cesspit. COVID-19: Inquiry focusing solely on safety of vaccines will
not be opened, govt says
1,608 excess deaths in England/Wales in the latest week. 688 in
private homes, 26.8% above the 5-year average. @CMO_England Chris
Whitty, it’s been like this for weeks, as Chief Medical Officer is
this not worthy of an investigation or a press conference?

All the lockdown protests ignored by the media for 2 years. A few
middle class protesters glueing themselves to pavements and throwing
milk everywhere get premium coverage. Why?

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