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Catholics don't like Biden Dems either,
not least because of their constant outright LYING,
also obviously @LibsOfTikTok , forced Vax, Lockdowns,
Censorship, Crime, Murdering Babies, etc ...

Most Catholic Voters Don’t Share Catholic President’s Priorities
Catholics have soured on the president. A sizable majority, 62.4%, do
not believe Biden has done a good job in the White House.

El Paso Mayor Says White House Coverup Not To Declare Immigration
Disaster As Border Crossings Spike
Border Patrol agents in the area of El Paso, Texas, have apprehended
more than 38,500 illegal immigrants in the 21 days since Oct.
1—averaging almost 13,000 per week.
In January, agents in El Paso arrested an average of 4,500 per week.
Over 100 on terrorist watchlists have been caught, with untold others
slipping through from places unknown.
“If you think the lawlessness at the border and the millions illegally
crashing it has been bad during Biden’s term so far, wait until the
numbers keep rolling in for this FY.
In September, more than 20,000 Venezuelan nationals turned up in El Paso.
Biden is now literally flying 10's of thousands directly INTO the United States.
El Paso's Govt Costs have risen from $55,000 a day to upwards to $250,000 a day.
However, Mayor Oscar Leeser said, “The White House has asked at this
point not to declare a disaster.”

Violent Crime Is Driving A Red Wave
Two weeks before the 2022 midterms, fear of crime is second only to
worries over inflation and recession. Both issues – personal security
and economic security – affect voters directly. They arise every time
voters ride the subway, walk down a dark street, pay the cashier at
the grocery, or fill up their truck. That’s why survey after survey
says they are the top issues motivating voters this November. That’s
bad news for Democrats. Pollsters say Republicans hold huge advantages
on the economy, inflation, and crime, the issues that matter most to
voters. Democrats, especially progressives, favor weaker law
enforcement, easier conditions for bail (even for those charged with
violent offenses), and less funding for police officers. That message
was encapsulated in the slogans “defund the police” which took hold in
Now Democrats are stuck with the consequences on the streets and,
soon, at the ballot box. The party’s “soft on crime” image has become
a political albatross, which candidates cannot readily discard. They
are weighed down for two reasons. First, they hold power nationally
and in almost every major city, so voters hold them responsible for
bad outcomes. The party’s unwillingness to enforce basic laws and
protect the public is exemplified by the porous Southern border, a
deliberate policy choice by the Biden administration. The result has
been an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants (some 2.4 million
in the last fiscal year alone), plus a surge of deadly drugs. Mexican
cartels have reaped billions in profits, five or six times as much as
they made before Biden threw open the border.
Second, when the movement to defund police was at its height, no
prominent national Democrats were willing to push back forcefully.
That means candidates today cannot appeal to the public on these
issues. None chose to follow Bill Clinton’s path during the 1992
presidential campaign, when he denounced Sister Souljah’s openly
racist statements. None, including Joe Biden, were willing to become
the pro-law enforcement face of the party, to denounce widespread
rioting during the summer of 2020, to urge a crackdown on arsonists,
looters, muggers, carjackers, and killers. Far from it. When Democrats
held their nominating convention in Milwaukee that summer, they
remained silent about the violence. Biden chose as his running mate a
California senator who personally urged her Twitter followers to send
money to a Minnesota nonprofit that helped post bail for protestors
accused of breaking the law.
Voters get the point – and they don’t like it.
Voters aren’t inventing their fear of crime. They see it daily on
local news, followed by interviews with the victims’ anguished
families. They see videos of local stores being ransacked by organized
gangs – none ever arrested. They see it firsthand when they walk into
Walgreens and have to ask a clerk to unlock the Plexiglas case to get
a tube of toothpaste. They see it again when they walk on local
streets, trying to avoid homeless camps, open-air drug markets, and
discarded needles.
National data tells a similar story. Violent crime, in particular, has
reached record levels.
Once again, voters have no trouble making the connection.
Voters don’t want to "change the subject -- Pelosi". They want to
change policies. They want much better public safety, fairly
administered. They are sick of virtue signaling, wishful thinking, and
criminals released to repeat their offenses. That’s what they are
saying to pollsters. Soon, that’s what they will say at the ballot

Dozens Of Former Charlie Crist (D-FL) Staffers And Colleagues
Endorse Ron DeSantis For Governor

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