USA 2024 Elections Thread

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Thu Oct 27 20:41:51 PDT 2022

Irrelevant Democrat Bullshit is about to get recalled in coming smackdown...

Democrats Wheel-Out Obama To Triage Midterm Bloodbath
With polls showing that Democrats are in deep trouble with less than
two weeks to go before midterm elections, dems are wheeling out former
President Barack "built the cages" Obama, lol.
Dogged by the public’s concerns over inflation and the economy, Biden
has been nearly invisible on the campaign trail. His predecessors,
Republican Donald Trump and Obama, both had held more than a dozen
large rallies at this point in their second year in office. -Reuters

Everyone knows Biden and Fetterman are unfit for office.

The "Ableist" Delusion And The Downfall Of John Fetterman
In other words, the left is making the case that anyone who criticizes
or asks critical questions about Fetterman’s state of mind are
prejudicial towards him in a way that he doesn’t deserve.
They argue he can still function cognitively, but he just can’t
communicate well.
To which I reply: how the hell are we supposed to know that?
Because while Fetterman supposedly got a letter from a doctor giving
him the “all clear for full duty” to work in office, on Tuesday he
avoided the request of releasing his full medical records surrounding
his stroke.
And so, without “the science” there to confirm his state of mind, the
entire situation has now become a classic case of: “Who are you going
to believe: the Democratic identity politics talking point, or your
own lying eyes and ears?”

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