MATIC for the people

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Oct 26 20:25:02 PDT 2022

Originally built on Ethereum, Augur is the first decentralized prediction market in history. This is by no means a small feat. Traditionally, prediction markets had to be centralized. We had to custody our assets and trust a central authority to act as an honest actor (lol), and not to run off with our funds.

Augur, on Polygon, is literally turbo-charged. ("Augur Turbo." It's in the name.) See, on Ethereum, Augur functioned by incentivizing "reporters" to report off-chain data accurately. They were rewarded for doing so until consensus was achieved, thus confirming an off-chain event.

Now, pretty much anyone can create prediction markets super quick, and for super cheap. And with Chainlink integration? The oracle enables off-chain data to be fed on-chain in a secure, accurate and timely fashion. (Talk about composability.)

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