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GOP Sues Google Over Routing Donation Emails To Spam

Two weeks before the midterm elections, the Republican National
Committee hit Alphabet Inc.'s Google with a lawsuit, claiming they
can't communicate with party members to fundraise because the big tech
firm routes their emails into spam folders.

The GOP lawsuit alleges Google "has relegated millions of RNC emails
en masse to potential donors' and supporters' spam folders during
pivotal points in election fundraising and community building."

    "The timing of Google's most egregious filtering is particularly damning...

    "For most of each month, nearly all of the RNC's emails make it
into users' inboxes. At approximately the same time at the end of each
month, Google sends to spam nearly all of the RNC's emails.
Critically, and suspiciously, this end of the month period is
historically when the RNC's fundraising is most successful," GOP said.

GOP argues in the lawsuit this has been an ongoing issue for ten
months. The committee is asking for unspecified monetary damages and a
court order to "remedy Google's violations of state and federal law."

None of these allegations are surprising in the age of censorship
pushed by the government and left-leaning big tech firms. Google, of
course, denies culpability:

    "As we have repeatedly said, we simply don't filter emails based
on political affiliation. Gmail's spam filters reflect users' actions.
We provide training and guidelines to campaigns, we recently launched
an FEC-approved pilot for political senders, and we continue to work
to maximize email deliverability while minimizing unwanted spam,"
spokesperson Jose Castenada said in an email to Bloomberg.

For years, GOP officials have expressed discontent with big tech,
including Google, Facebook, and Twitter, for their unrelenting

    "Google, far more than any other single entity, determines what
humanity thinks is true about current events and knowledge in general.
The platform continues to filter and refine its left-wing ideology
through artificial intelligence, brainwashing most of the globe with a
subtlety never seen in history," Epoch's Roger Simon wrote.

Big tech's censorship of conservatives could be on full display again,
and just more evidence that elites are becoming desperate ahead of
next month's elections:

    "Censorship is the tribute that lies pay to truth. If truth were
not so powerful, no censorship would be necessary," Epoch's Jeffrey
Tucker recently opined.

Even with the GOP whining about big tech censorship, pre-midterm polls
still show momentum is clearly in Republicans' favor.

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