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Democrats Failed Public Schools... Keepin em stupid, easier
to indoctrinate, locked down, less willing and able to seek freedom...
Only total free market school choice, unschooling, home school,
private school, non-state no-tax options, family freedom, work best for all.
“The results show the profound toll on student learning during the
pandemic, as the size and scope of the declines are the largest ever
in mathematics,”
“If left unaddressed, this could alter the trajectories and life
opportunities of a whole cohort of young people, potentially reducing
their abilities to pursue rewarding and productive careers in
mathematics, science, and technology.”

Illegal Immigrant Arrests At Border Soar In September, Set New Fiscal
Year Record

US Oil Industry Mocks Biden Offer To Refill SPR At $72 As "Inadequate
To Lift Oil Output"
American voters hate when gas prices go up. Biden’s approval rating
plunged over his first two years in office. He needed some kind of
policy response to address the problem and prevent his party from
getting slaughtered in the midterms.
Political Scam, Bad Economics.
Another reason why the Biden plan is idiotic: with oil now selling for
about $85 a barrel, the offer price of about $70 "is a price where
there is no supply growth," said Abhiram Rajendran, a director at
consultancy Energy Intelligence.
But what was so patently obvious to everyone - except a handful of
intellectually challenged progressives - is that even though US oil
prices hit $120 per barrel this year, that did not trigger a
production boom because of shortages and high costs for labor and
If the Biden administration wants to boost oil supplies, it "should
change its policies around producing more oil and gas in the United
Buying from abroad is just an economic shell game that kills domestic
capability to the market and gives that revenue and expertise and
energy independence to other nations.

30 House Dems Urge Dramatic Shift In Biden's Ukraine Policy: 'Get
Serious About Diplomacy Or Risk Nuclear Miscalculation'
In a wholly unexpected development, given that until just yesterday
any prominent person wishing to talk Ukraine peace plan possibilities
or who expressed hope for a negotiated end to the war was denounced
and shouted down as a 'Kremlin agent', a group of 30 House Democrats
is now urging the Biden administration to pursue a diplomatic track
with Moscow.
The Washington Post, which detailed the contents of a letter sent to
President Biden by the Congressional Dems, underscored they are
calling for the US to "dramatically shift" its strategy on the Ukraine
war for the first time, with the grinding conflict now reaching the
eight-month mark.

Brainlet Biden Totally Rejected as Failed Diplomat President.

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