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Democrats In Panic Mode As Midterm Momentum Favors GOP

With midterm elections weeks away, desperation among Democrats is palpable.

After horrendous polling which shows that Americans not only care most
about inflation and the economy ('Change the subject!'), and a mass
exodus of independent voters, Democrats have even resorted to
shuffling a clearly-impaired President Biden around to stump for
candidates and reassure the base how wonderful things are.

Here he is discussing 'ramrod-spined' VP Kamala Harris - who
apparently has "enormous integrity."

    60 seconds to prove Joe Biden has dementia
    — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) October 24, 2022

"Enormous integrity."

    Yesterday, Kamala Harris said it’s “misinformation” to say she
urged people to donate to a bail fund that has bailed violent
criminals out of jail.

    She’s lying. Her tweet is still up:
    — Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) October 24, 2022


As The Hill makes abundantly clear, Democrats are freaking out right
now as momentum into midterms is clearly with the GOP.

    As recently as a few weeks ago, Democrats were bullish about their
chances of defying harsh historical and political headwinds, believing
that voter anger over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v.
Wade and lingering GOP concerns about the quality of Republican
candidates might allow them to not only hold, but expand their
paper-thin Senate majority.

    But the political winds appear to be shifting once again in the
GOP’s favor. Recent polling has found Republicans regaining an edge on
the so-called generic ballot, a survey question that asks voters which
party they plan to vote for in November. Meanwhile, the data website
FiveThirtyEight’s Senate forecast shows Democrats’ chances of holding
the Senate dropping by 11 percent over the past month. -The Hill

"A month ago, it looked like not only were the Democrats poised to
hold the Senate, the question was: were they going to be able to get,
you know, two extra seats?" said former Democratic pollster, Fernand
Amandi, who worked on former President Obama's 2008 and 2012
campaigns. "Now I think the hope is just to hang on."

"Perhaps Democratic messaging hasn’t been as strong as it could be,"
he continued. "But we’re talking about things tightening when the
choice is between chaos and competency. The Democrats have governed
with a competent, steady hand in a very volatile environment. What
we’ve seen from the Republican Party over the last six years has been
wholesale unhinged chaos. And what they’re offering is more chaos."


    Marie Yovanovitch -- the former US Ambassador to Ukraine under
Trump who testified against him in the 2019 impeachment, and was
lauded as a hero -- suggests that if Trump were in office, he'd have
averted the war diplomatically. But she thinks this would've been a
terrible thing
    — Michael Tracey (@mtracey) April 23, 2022

According to Democratic strategist and former Kirsten Gillibrand
(D-NY) aide Jon Reinish, "If you look at the Dobbs decision — that
seems to have come a little too early for the Democrats," referring to
the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe vs Wade.

"And I think there [are] other currents — inflation is probably the
biggest one — that have kind of interfered with the singularity of
that argument."

So - the timing of the USSC overturning Roe wasn't ideal for maximum
outrage, and inflation is highly inconvenient.

Maybe Democrats can simply campaign on the economy being "strong as hell"?

    Joe Biden saying, “Our economy is strong as hell,” while eating an
ice cream cone is so tone deaf and out of touch to what Americans
actually see in their lives that it feels like the Democrats are
intentionally tanking the election.
    — Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) October 16, 2022

According to the most recnt NYT-Siena College poll, the economy and
inflation top the list of problems facing the country, while just 5%
of voter said abortion is the most pressing issue. January 6th came in
at 7%. Nobody cares about the hill Democrats have chosen to die on.

    In one of the poll’s more alarming findings for Democrats, women
who identified as independents said they preferred Republicans by an
18-point margin, a stark reversal from September, when those voters
favored Democrats by a 14-point margin. Democrats have sought
relentlessly to sway those voters by warning of threats to abortion
rights. -The Hill

"The voters who would be most susceptible to the Democrats’ messaging
on abortion are shifting," said former GOP strategist and
congressional candidate, Ford O'Connell.

"As long as the Republicans stay focused on two things — my money, my
family — then they’ll win in 2022," he added. "They’ll win in 2024.
Because the Democrats aren’t showing any sign of changing their

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