USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Oct 24 20:31:55 PDT 2022

Republicans explain the obvious...

Real Immigrants explain the obvious...

The Left, Woke, BS Activists, Dems... young, stupid,
know not what they do, nor the SocComMarx they invite...
This video sums up everything I hate about the left.
BIDEN ON KAMALA: “There isn't any public figure that [has], you know,
60% favorable ratings... she's doing a great job.” This reminds me of
how Sam Harris and other TDS sufferers would moan about how "TrUmP iS
a PaThoLoGicAl LiAr"

Biden exposes himself in recent interviews and statements,
total fucking liar trying to bullshit people.

US PA trending up to a Rep win against the Dems.
Stein owns them with laughter
Watch Ted Cruz absolutely EVISCERATE panelists on 'The View'
Dominion Voting Systems: Face of a liar

SparkyBru @SparkyBru
Did you know, PA Candidate Josh Shapiro w/John Fetterman fought 2
allow boys 2 use girls bathrooms, locker rooms! Talk about a slam
against womanhood & creating criminal conduct! Vote Red! @FoxNews

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