Adman Backstabber as world-historical jackass

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Oct 24 02:41:44 PDT 2022

I thought cypherpunks was created to discuss the revolutionary effect crypto-anarchist infrastructure would have on all existing philosophers & kings. Why ’ Coderpunks ’ was hived off for the techno-bores.

This impression only survived three months - once I got on the actual thing ( Aug 2001 )

“Where did Hegel get his ideas from?”

It is getting too far away from the main purpose of this blog to attempt to answer that in any detail but if a one-word answer is possible the answer is “Plato”. Plato’s Republic with its ideal of a polity ruled by “philosopher kings” has always had a lot of appeal to Leftists – who mentally elect themselves as the philosopher kings concerned – so it should be no surprise that Hegel liked Plato too.

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