My Recent Experience at an AI-Cybersecurity Marketing-Workshop

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Fri Oct 21 05:17:08 PDT 2022

I received marketing a few days ago for a course track in
cybersecurity focused on a machine learning, and I attended the free
introductory lecture that advertised their school.

- The lecturer said that security corps have all the technology to do
emissions and other advanced, more reliable forms of information
security, but they are subject to "limitations" such that software and
hardware that does this is rarely sold.

- The school was called "flatiron" and they teach AI-based
cybersecurity in their cybersecurity track. The training was heavily
business-focused, kind of irritating to attend. The people seemed to
know what I was trying to talk about, and seemed interested in talking
about it but mostly indirectly rather than clearly.

- The intro material was focused on SIEM platforms, which are
corporate products that do security work for the user. The content
focused on automated log analysis.

I was the oblivious rude nerd who asked advanced questions without
sufficient experience nor understanding of where others were at, and
then gave frustrated responses. Because of my struggles, I actually
missed most of the replies, sadly.

The presenters promised a recording of the lecture, from which I hoped
to extract the replies I missed. I have yet to receive this recording
or find where it is at.

I also received personal e-mail, phone, and text message followup from
the presenters, likely hoping to help me apply to their course track.

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