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Fri Oct 21 01:15:51 PDT 2022

California adopts Armed MurderBots to Drone Strike innocent
civilians... making unaccountability for murder of civilians
the norm, just like in the Mideast.

Oakland Police Want 'Terminator Style' Robot With Shotgun


The Oakland Police Department is pushing for robots with a potentially
lethal shotgun-like attachment, according to The Intercept.

Oakland Police and Oakland Police Commission subcommittee, a civilian
oversight body, discussed rules surrounding the city's use of
military-grade police equipment in September. According to California
state law, local police must be authorized by city leaders before they
can deploy military equipment.

Most of the meeting on Sept. 21 concentrated on modern policing, with
the commissioners and police heads debating the use of tear gas and
flash bangs. But two hours into the meeting, the conversation shifted
to a gun-shaped accessory for robots called the "percussion actuated
nonelectric disruptor," a tool used by bomb squads at war and for
domestic operations.

The accessory can be loaded with explosive forces ranging from blanks
to pressurized water to even shotgun shells. This is a concerning new
development in the potential use of weaponized robots against the
American people by police across the country.

    "But God forbid something does happen where it's the only option,"
a member of the Oakland Police Commission said at the meeting. "Which
is, I hate to say it, a robot with a shotgun may be our only hope."

For now, Oakland police and commissioners agreed that robots could
only be armed with pepper spray, though conversations from the meeting
suggest armed robots with shotguns might be deployed sometime in this

The future of American policing in liberal cities could very well be
armed robots. This dystopic nightmare is only possible due to city
leaders, not just in Oakland but across the country, who identify as
"progressive" and far left-leaning that have ushered in social justice
reform that has tremendously backfired, unleashing a tsunami of
violent crime while also hellbent in banning guns from law-abiding

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