Leaks: Intel Alder Lake Bios Source Code Published

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 22:50:48 PDT 2022

Commits by "lcfuturecenter.com"

Private keys, build tools, etc.


vx-underground @vxunderground
The source code to the Intel Alder Lake has been leaked online. *
Alder Lake CPU was released November 4, 2021 * Source code is 2.8GB
(compressed) * Leak (allegedly) from 4chan * We have not reviewed the
entirety of the code base, it is massive

A very bad thing happened: now, the Intel Boot Guard on the vendor's
platforms can no longer be trusted... :(

As if any closed source black box with 10+ Billions of gates ever could be, lol.

Richard Hughes @hughsient
So, hypothetically, could we build a coreboot which runs on a modern
laptop with BG enabled? Not sure about the *legality* of using another
vendors signing key...

Nikolaj Schlej @NikolajSchlej
If that is really a KeyManifest signing key, and there are any
machines that have a hash of the public key fused into FPFs, BG on
that platform is under nearly full control. I.e. one can generate a
new BootPolicy signing key and protect any BG-protectable range,
including none.



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