Cryptocurrency: UoM Find 86% Tor Stinks BTC LN Tx Bridges w No-Privacy Zmap Scan

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Oct 20 22:29:42 PDT 2022


Developing work in privacy crypto space is beginning to
seriously question legacy projects who...

- Flat out refuse to implement any onchain privacy, let alone
even any TLS transport.
- Charge $hundred in fees for even single low-random joins when
real 2^strong equivalent privacy requires many such joins, and needs
special wallets and tools, then claims that's the "usable" future.
- Claim that fully NSA and LE and "research" monitored and
operated Tor Network is somehow super secure, then proceed to
shovel unsuspecting brainwashed users on to it, further using
that outsourced excuse to not make any onchain onprotocol privacy.
- Claim that Lightning is some magical fix to everything
when clearly it is not, even mooting advertised uses.

ps: Saylor needs to wake up and analyze LN issues, and coin privacy.
Even $Billionaires get more privacy from Cash and Gold than Bitcoin,
more unconstrained transactability than LN over Tor.

Oh how the world is crying out for real privacy in a minimalistic
p2p cash money, yet Bitcoin continues to dodge providing it.

Perhaps the same actors are involved in BTC that
have for decades continued to help ensure that...
"Tor Stinks  -- NSA"

Bitcoin money-bags to the rescue

The Tor Project @torproject:
A big thank you to @HillebrandMax
for writing about how the Tor network is critical privacy
infrastructure that can only thrive with community support. As a small
nonprofit, recurring donations are key for long-term sustainability.
Tor Is Under Attack And Bitcoiners Must Help Fix It
With a lack of funding, the Tor project is struggling to defend
against denial-of-service attacks, putting Bitcoin projects at risk.

Tor a small project?... Not exactly, look at their budget docs,
and that multi $million fraudulently offered NFT sale of theirs.

Donate instead to new projects working on next generation
privacy protocols, instead of those building trappings and
captured retirement incomes around 20+ year old broken designs.

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