Cryptocurrency: Flawed Fundamentals to Soon Fail the Crypto Movement, Avalanche-AVAX

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Oct 20 19:16:35 PDT 2022

Rocket Team Avalanche AVAX ...

AVAX: Blockchain startup raises a quick $42M in first sale. -- Cornell Chronicle
AVAX: A startup technology company was founded to develop a blockchain
network that would meet complex finance industry requirements. --

Apparently yet another premined, ico, pos, corporate investor coin.

Who can issue, control, see, censor, sue, regulate,
shutdown, and usurp Avalanche AVAX ???

Do you bet cypherpunks can find such not even trivially attempted
to mitigate problems in ten thousand of coins out there?

That there are not even maybe only 10 total coins that even try to be
both just a minimalist Freedom money and to avoid those problems.

Satoshi, and many other projects, just volunteer their time
and don't do sellout ICO premine governance corruption crap.

So many are failing crypto at such fundamental levels.

So many cryptos full of unnecessary bling features.

So much look-at-me fame and get-rich sought by "devs" and crypto Corps.

No one talking Freedom.

Not a single coin yet usable for such a simple task as
standing to be even a 20+ year global private p2p cash money,
unprintable, uncensorable, unregulateable, unstoppable.

That coin will be famous.
Its devs will be unknown.
It won't be Bitcoin, or AVAX.
It will change the world.
Make it happen.

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