War re Ukraine: Thread

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Wed Oct 19 22:27:44 PDT 2022


Many Mariupol azovstal defenders have been released from Russian
POW Camp, returned to Ukraine to organize and fight.
The award has met its Hero! The commander of the AZOV regiment, Denys
"Redis" Prokopenko, received the "Golden Star" order. President
Zelenskyy awarded Redis the Hero of Ukraine title in March when he led
the defense of Mariupol.
The award ceremony occurred during the Azovstal defenders' meeting
with Andriy Yermak and Olena Zelenska in Turkey. The heroes could
finally hug their families for the first time after being released
from captivity.
"Azov regiment people show transcendental heroism, motivation, and
fortitude to fight. It's not easy to describe it. We are on our land;
we know what we can overcome and fight to the last drop of blood".
Lieutenant colonel Denys "Redis" Prokopenko, the commander of the AZOV
We are consistently moving towards our goal – the release of all
captives and all Mariupol defenders. We will facilitate the processes
of the return of our fighters with the Coordination Headquarters, The
Association of Azovstal Defenders' Families, and the AZOV Patronage

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