[ot] What I am doing for Biosignals Logging atm

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
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including list, which i didnt do by accident

On 10/19/22, Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many
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> Hey, I’m not sure what you’re referring to, so I’ll just state what I
> perceive on my end.
> On 10/19/22, HisName <hisname at protonmail.com> wrote:
>> Disregard the stupidity of my last reply to this thread. I apologize for
>> my
>> absurdity to the list. I've been an off and on luker here since the mid
>> to
>> late 90's. I've only posted a few times. I didn't catch the sarcasm.
> I tend to have passive aggression but I didn’t intend any sarcasm
> here. The intended audience is people being inflicted covertly with
> mental and physical maladies.
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>> Wow, I haven't opened Cypher Punk lists for awhile. This is astounding.
>> To
>> me, this is quite the coding challenge. You wrote all that?
> I wrote only my kluge for uploading to arweave. It is a coding
> challenge only if coding is hard in general i.e. I don’t see coding
> challenges in my world anymore ever really, occasionally big libraries
> that look rushed to relesse. Might be something I’m missing.
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>> On Oct 19, 2022, 1:55 AM, Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim &
>> Survivor
>> of Many wrote:
> The name is a little misleading, although it is because of this that
> lifelogging is valuable for me. I’m thinking I was targeted by a
> political cult a decade ago. I understand this is common for
> cypherpunks to some degree.
> I was heavily jnfluenced not to reveal I was being mistreated, so it
> helped me push myself around — i.e. manipulate my own triggers — to
> change my name, and now I’m kind of confused around it. Part of the
> confusion is likely that I’d prefer to use an anonymous identity, as
> is appropriate for this list and public things in general.
>>> First of all, be aware there are communities of lifeloggers who love to
>>> log their biosignals. I’m not up to speed on that. There are also groups
>>> you can join where they collect medical data from you for the public
>>> good.
>>> I’m also not up to speed on that either. Second of all: I am still
>>> _practicing_ this. I haven’t verified that anything is actually working,
>>> so it should be assumed that it doesn’t yet. The current biggest hiccup
>>> for this email is that I don’t have a public entrypoint to find my data.
>>> With some digging, a lot can likely be found. Karl’s current EEG
>>> situation: I am using a Muse S with the Mind Monitor app to collect
>>> occasional brainwaves. I practice doing this by wearing the headband
>>> even
>>> when the app is not running. Over time, it gets more comfortable until
>>> it
>>> is pleasant like other clothing. I have backup headbands for swapping
>>> out,
>>> and I get warrantees on them, because my experience is that with
>>> extended
>>> use their lifespan is reduced. The default setup with the Muse and Mind
>>> Monitor yields a lot of data loss for me. I am always getting bluetooth
>>> connection blips. Mind Monitor also has a bug where it squeezes dropped
>>> packets in the data, resulting in timestamp corruption. Still, I have a
>>> ton of data. I’ve spent a lot of casual daydreams thinking of ways to
>>> repair the timestamps, I don’t think it would be hard. I have also used
>>> OpenBCI equipment and recommend it mostly to support efforts that have
>>> both community and mainstreamness. I believe it provides much more data
>>> than the Muse; however I believe the Muse also makes accelerometer and
>>> gyroscope recordings which are likely good for tagging physical events.
>>> I
>>> presently store my recordings zstd-compressed in a git-annex repository,
>>> and from the git-annex repository I believe many of my braineave
>>> recordings have reached the arweave blockchain using an arweave git
>>> annex
>>> remote I kluged together. I would like to upgrade to an open hashing
>>> system more streamlined for this than git-annex and my kluge. git-annex:
>>> It’s cumbersome to use git-annex for this, although it does work, one
>>> can
>>> run into space exhaustion problems and file count problems that are
>>> easier
>>> to stimulate than recover from. Nowadays git-annex does support an adb
>>> remote that can pull directly from android phones; I haven’t tried it
>>> yet,
>>> but it would ease use. If git-annex seems appealing, I recommend
>>> learning
>>> datalad rather than git-annex first, as datalad has more provisions for
>>> handling things like large filecounts or deterministic transforms such
>>> as
>>> zstd compression. Voice Recording: I have both a voice recorder and a
>>> mobile recording app, that I use to take voice recordings. Since I
>>> haven’t
>>> streamlined storage yet, I usually don’t run these 24/7 but rather turn
>>> something on when I am engaging a situation that can be confusing for
>>> me,
>>> or saying something I value. Sometimes I’ll run more than one at once as
>>> a
>>> backup, since I can easily run into unexpected issues. I manually copy
>>> the
>>> recordings into a git-annex repository. This would be streamlined by
>>> setting up my devices as a git-annex remote or such in some way, which I
>>> haven’t done yet. It can take a long time to copy them. They then
>>> eventually can end up on arweave etc. I’m excited when both voice and
>>> EEG
>>> are running at the same time, as this means the conditions and workings
>>> of
>>> my mind can be profiled and checked more accurately via the second
>>> channel. Additionally, having more than one audio channel recording at
>>> once provides data to triangulate where things are physically located
>>> and
>>> moving in increased detail. Keystrokes: I am also recording all my
>>> terminal sessions using asciinema with its —stdin flag. Asciinema
>>> includes
>>> millisecond timestamps, so this records the timing of my keypresses.
>>> These
>>> are also added to a git-annex repository where they end up on arweave.
>>> Since keypresses are made by my muscles and mind, they can also be used
>>> to
>>> profile my mental state as it changes from day to day or event to event,
>>> especially given the potential accuracy of asciinema’s timestamps. There
>>> is a more normative terminal recording program than asciinema, but I’ve
>>> lost track of what it is. Video: I occasionally record both desktop
>>> video
>>> and self-surveillance. Some of this may have also reached the arweave
>>> blockchain. This takes much more resources than the other things due to
>>> the data size, although it is possible to configure qualities low enough
>>> that things become more reasonable. On linux, there is a video recording
>>> device that treats X sessions as a video input. I would really like to
>>> get
>>> video going better, as most of my weirdness has been gross human
>>> behaviors
>>> I engage in, such as hiding objects from myself. Video also provides the
>>> peace of mind of physical security. I let doctors know I suspect I might
>>> have occasional seizures and want investigation of this, and from doing
>>> this I hope to have medical video and eeg at some point. I’m thinking it
>>> could give me a leg up on videorecording to try to mimic the setup a
>>> doctor provides, letting my issues more easily remember it is medically
>>> important.

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