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Wed Oct 19 01:19:03 PDT 2022

The below is from a thread called “horror joke stories for
dissociative coping” or somesuch.
The name of that thread makes sense to consolidate these things under.
A thought.
It also contains a fun halloween quip atm.

Private chats between Experimentee and Gardener.

Experimentee: “Sometimes I wish I knew how to fix muscle innervation
so that I could move my body around how other people do, without
robotics or telekinesis or other things.”

Gardener: “You put your body back together without understanding how
things connect?”

Experimentee: “Yeah, the immortality experiments weren’t coded to
worry about specifics of internal functionality. The AIs would figure
out ways to keep things doing the same stuff, and then solve the
problem at different scales until we stopped screaming about it.”

Gardener: “It sounds really severe. I’m thinking that if I were in
your situation, I would spend more time engaging what you describe
with care for my own values, to find a path I preferred.”

Experimentee thinks, “you are in my situation, you just don’t know it yet …!”

Gardener: “I don’t think the solutions that happened to work for you
guys to escape the research project, are necessarily or likely to be
the ones that are best for you personally.”

Experimentee: “That’s a good point.  Thank you.”

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