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“We’ve got to change the cost-benefit calculus of criminals and
nation-states who believe they can compromise U.S. networks, steal U.S.
financial and intellectual property, and hold our critical infrastructure
at risk, all without incurring any risk themselves...” (Wray 2020)

What organizational HR management techniques are required for an enterprise
to actively convince hundreds, if not thousands, of employees, clients and
customers to pursue their strategy while knowing it was fatally flawed?



Table of Contents

Introduction    2 <https://docs.google.com/document#heading=h.qw9a2wl4q92s>

Focus, Goals and Objective(s)    3

Strategic Intent    4

Innovation Strategy    5

Pioneering Human Resources (HR) Management in Banking    6

The Bitcoin Blockchain, Human/Civil Rights and Computer Crimes    7

Goldman Sachs’ Organization HR Management Analysis (MoneyGram and Ripple)
8 <https://docs.google.com/document#heading=h.6rxby3kdxyer>

www.JUMO.World and Banking Africa    9

Earth_ID: Because Owning Your Identity is a Human Right    10

CryptoBank Environmental Analysis    11

The NEXO.io Conundrum    12

The Fireblocks Conundrum    13

Computer Software and the Blockchain Platform    14

Virtual Currency: Computer Software Protocols and Processes    15

Bank.org: Revolutionary Approaches to Agile Innovation    16

Conclusion    17 <https://docs.google.com/document#heading=h.wuzm4oh1p4gz>

Bibliography    19 <https://docs.google.com/document#heading=h.1qq38owyyhee>


Crypto and Blockchain are each a Human Right.
For all, everywhere.


   How does New York based bank fraud happen from the inside? People who
   commit crimes comprise departments and divisions of corporate
   organizations, and some current Human Resources (HR) management cultures
   lend well to the committing of crimes.

   What organizational HR management design structures are at play to
   architectect such fraud for bespoke juristical instances?

   Is there a unique opportunity for a fresh and clean New York-based
   international bank such as Bank.org?

xNY.io argues that modern and innovative Executive Suites pioneer
organizational HR management with the CEO and CFO leading the pack as the
most ethical example for members in their organization. This key
distinction calls for leaders to always adhere to a very strict, yet
progressive, standard of ethics, even when it’s inconvenient.

World renowned executive Jack McCullough suggests strict adherence is
necessary, especially when it’s inconvenient. McCullough says that if
you’re seen as a CEO and CFO “who will compromise when convenient, this
approach will cause colleagues to consider all the talk about ethics to be
lip service” (McCullough 2019)

The leadership at xNY.io is clear-eyed, recognizing the importance of an
extensive review program which seeks to explore all aspects of the
following criteria as part of Legal, Compliance, and Governance (Bloomberg
2021) <https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10935129&pre=&suf=&sa=0>,
which is our internal due diligence framework based on first class industry
standards and best practices (xNY.io | Bank.org n.d.)

In summary, this HR management innovation essay outlines and explores three
key concerns for modern Bank and CryptoBank organizations. These concerns
are signaled by our regulators who rightly suggest that it is critically
important that the organizers identify, at the beginning of the process, an
available management team and board of directors (NY-DFS 2008)


   The theory of modern virtual currency cross-border regulation logic (Larson
   2020a) <https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10935777&pre=&suf=&sa=0>.

   How to protect xNY.io’s strategic partnership with Bank.org and its
   mandate to pioneer innovation(s) and noble advancement of modern
   international banking?

   Whereas, it is essential to safeguard virtual currency and its potential
   to galvanize international, economic and social advancement of all
peoples (United
   Nations 1948)

Most importantly, what organizational HR management structures are
necessary to execute the proposed xNY.io and hybrid model framework, while
engaging agile innovation to explore the potential of growing Bank.org into
the World’s Best Bank and headquartered in New York (NY-DFS 2019)
Focus, Goals and Objective(s)

Why would a New York bank build organizational HR strategies with the sole
purpose of taking advantage of the most vulnerable for exorbitant profit?

xNY.io’s focus is to fill a need in clarifying New York’s virtual currency
standards to achieve progressive innovation while constantly promoting
respect for human rights and personal freedoms by progressive measures,
national and international, to secure their universal and effective
recognition and observance across all global territories of business,
protecting all peoples and all nations (United Nations 1948)

Our simple strategy rests in the fact that virtual currency has
cross-border utilities (European Commission 2021)
<https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10951557&pre=&suf=&sa=0>. Our real
world experience has uncovered the strategy of a New York bank's
misemployed Manhattan Island as a walled garden for bad HR management camps
while wrongfully profiting off of the back of the most vulnerable across
global markets (Law 360 2021)
<https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10951562&pre=&suf=&sa=0>.  Our goal
is to profit off the pivot from the textbook definition of marketplace
manipulation, discussed herein related to the feasibility of automating stock
market manipulation (Association for Computing Machinery 2020)

The Supreme Court placed emphasis on the central role of deception to the
concept of fraud.“ (T)he words ‘to defraud’ . . . primarily mean to cheat,
. . . usually signify the deprivation of something of value by trick,
deceit, chicane, or overreaching, and . . . do not extend to theft by
violence, or to robbery or burglary.” (Hammerschmidt v. United States 1924)

Bank.org feels confident in our knowledge and our direct dialogue with over
100 of the world’s leading scholars on the subject of international
law: (Morris
2008) <https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10942187&pre=&suf=&sa=0>


   The International Criminal Court investigates and punishes people for
   genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes (Wikipedia 2021a)

   The International Court of Justice, sometimes referred to as the World
   Court, has two major functions. Firstly, it settles disputes, which the
   member countries may bring before it. Secondly, it may give its opinions on
   legal matters (Wikipedia 2021b)

The objective of xNY.io’s research essay summarizes the discussion of New
York bank organizations and the corresponding HR management architectures
designed to target maximizing profits through conscious marketplace
manipulation structures.  The best xNY.io CryptoBank must be concerned with
pioneering a business beyond leveraging computer crimes, a marketplace
manipulation matter associated with current New York BitLicense
architecture and subject to our attention related to
cross-border/international organized groups that are cyber-based in
New York (Federal
Deposit Insurance Corporation 1989)

Strategic Intent

Imagine trying to open the best bank in the world and running up against
BitLicense regulatory arbitrage (Poster 2019)
<https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10959604&pre=&suf=&sa=0> just a few
Manhattan blocks away.

Composing a richly robust innovation strategy calls for a clear and honest
appraisal of current marketplace conditions and identifying the firm’s
current status. This requires xNY.io to not only be ambitious but also
extremely articulate in outlining our strategic intent. We see our key
competitive advantage in cleverley leveraging our vision cohesively with
all available resources and modern ideals of Bank.org.

Bank.org is aware that our uniqueness is very difficult for competitors to
imitate.  In her book Strategic Management for Technological Innovation,
Mellissa Schilling suggests that the New York banking sector may be
characterized as an oligopolistic industry in that there is a low degree of
rivalry.  Schilling explains that sometimes competitors choose to avoid
head-to-head competition as a price collusion tactic (Schilling 2019)

Being extremely clear and transparent, xNY.io's business models emphasize
taking advantage of our competitors who have designed global regulatory
abtrigatre frameworks at the expense of our customers (Buchak et al. 2017)
Bank.org's stakeholder analysis highlights that many New York banks have
ignored the ethical and moral implications of designing HR management
structures with the sole purpose of training employees to act as
footmen/footwomen in defrauding a global customer base. Furthermore, these
bad actors revel in the naivety of potential rivals and government
regulators as an operative procedure of HR management.

Through an analysis of the best agile innovation strategy for execution,
xNY.io and Bank.org have partnered to engage both backward vertical
integration AND horizontal integration techniques (Tarver & James 2021)


   xNY.io is vertically integrating backwards by producing our own advanced
   blockchain technology for global payments.

   Bank.org aims to actively engage leveraged buyouts of competitor banks,
   a practice that is considered horizontal integration (Kenton & James
   2021) <https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10951605&pre=&suf=&sa=0>.

>From the very beginning, xNY.io and Bank.org’s ethical and moral incentives
have been strategically integrated into a modern and innovative hybrid
infrastructure. Spanning key global functions including (but not limited to)
reserve management, international legal counsel, and public and government
affairs and relations, we consider ethics to be a quality management
concern.  Honestly, the implications of our strategic intent are derived
from the morals of our founders who seek to efficiently secure the smooth
function of our cross-border operations.
Innovation Strategy

We recognize our competitors see modern innovation as merely improving
efficiency of obsolete legacy bank systems and processes to keep their
operations afloat. It is extremely troublesome that many New York bank HR
leaders’ modi operandi detail strategies of seeking new revenue channels
that target the most vulnerable across first to third world markets (Ripple
2013a) <https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10951672&pre=&suf=&sa=0>.


   As part of our ethical leadership agenda, articulating xNY.io’s
   strategic intent enables the firm to incorporate our innovation practice
   into Bank.org’s cross-border development and rollout. Capital investments
   are required as part of a multidimensional performance architecture, along
   with real-time systems and computational analyses.

   Our honest deliberation and critical assessment of xNY.io’s strategic
   intent and development of new computational technologies brought to light
   the concern of competitors' engagement in computer crimes discussed in
   the following section.

We recognize that true innovation goes beyond juvenile process
efficiencies. Our innovation strategy constantly anticipates the future by
recognizing where industry peers are failing today.  This allows us to
identify and execute products and services that are better - extremely
better - than what the industry offers today.

Schilling notes that successful and innovative firms question existing
price performance ­ assumptions. They attract customers by developing and
introducing products that extend well beyond current market requirements
and help mold the market’s expectations for the future (Schilling 2019)
<https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10951587&pre=&suf=&sa=0>. This
separates us from our competitors' desperate attempts to cut costs rather
than ethically addressing and improving their HR operations with
corresponding moral incentives.

Pioneering Human Resources (HR) Management in Banking

As international scholars (Mills 2006)
<https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10951797&pre=&suf=&sa=0>, our
founders believe in the future of virtual currencies and blockchain
platform computer software. This belief has been cultivated and nurtured by
some of the most recognized pioneers of the global blockchain industry (Bourne
et al. 2018)
<https://sciwheel.com/work/citation?ids=10951810&pre=&suf=&sa=0>. We
consider virtual currency and blockchain technology to be precious,
appreciating assets with various growing benefits over the course of one’s

Rolling Stone profiles the New York bank JP Morgan Chase and the bank’s HR
management techniques, highlighting the conscious disregard of the ethical
and moral standards from Chase’s Executive Suite knowingly excited the
peddling of bad products stuffed with scratch-and-dent loans to investors
without disclosing the obvious defects of the underlying loans (Taibbi 2014)

Chase has repeated deal after deal with the same poor and fraudulent
organizational HR management methodology, as did many other banks. Rolling
Stone goes on to say, “It’s theft on a scale that blows the mind.”

New York banks and Silicon Valley technology firms have a long history of
not only challenging but actively attacking beliefs that virtual currency
and blockchain are innovative tools for means of payment and stores of
value, going so far as to launch an ever-popular campaign: “Bitcoin has no
value at all” (Torpey 2018)

It is safe to say that between New York and Silicon Valley, many
organizations, through their various HR management structures, have made
calculated efforts to kill the blockchain economy before it even got off
the ground (Al-Naji et al. 2018)


   For example, New York, Europe and Africa are connected by a freeway of
   cross-border arbitrage frameworks. Due to easily exploitable laws in
   developing countries, some BitLicensees’ operations straddle New York,
   Europe and Africa to evade detection and prosecution from law enforcement.

   Through various HR management structures, New York banks have
   consciously exacerbated regulatory loopholes resulting in virtual
   currency market manipulation affecting international computer technology
   systems and
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