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Mon Oct 17 01:35:32 PDT 2022

I meant to include python the list, as it’s the language I use easiest nowadays.


Thoughts on quickly learning new languages.

- speed reading
- effective knowledge of language norms
- inference of hoe much new material there is so as to select
effective approaches

When one knows a lot about languages, one gets a sense of normal
patterns that can let one skip a lot of material when learning,
because it is simply repetition. So, there could be a lot of return to
memorizing things that are common between many language styles and/or
resources for learning languages.

Often a language may be so normative for its family that use can begin
without learning it, simply keeping a reference handy for specifics.
When this is the case, it seems useful to make sure that material
gained from the reference is actually retained, so that there is
actual learning taking place.

When starting learning a new language, finding indicators that reveal
how normative or new it is likely to be, so as to guide how to
effectively approach it, seems helpful.

Some norms of language families are very common. I’m thinking, though,
that to try to rebuild fluidity of the mind, it could be helpful to
think of various properties of language families, rather than
specifics of common ones.

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