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Sun Oct 16 08:55:05 PDT 2022

On the topic of user experience, another concept is that systems can
be designed to measure the user experience and change their approach
dynamically. There used to be domains in which this was commonplace,
but the practice doesn’t seem to have survived well, as far as I can

A simple example is OS thrashing. Some user-focused heuristics here
could prevent the entire system halt users experience when they try to
process more data than they have RAM to hold.


Another design axiom I tend to hold is that optimization properties
are exchangeable. That is, that if something is very heavy
cpu-usage-wise, but uses very little memory, then there is some
transform that can be applied to it to use a lot of memory, and very
little cpu. Practicing finding these various transforms seems like it
could be a useful skill-building exercise.

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