[ot][spam][draft/notes] braindead learning: algorithms research

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Sun Oct 16 08:35:34 PDT 2022

In order to do that, it’s helpful to search for algorithmic and
structural components to practice mentally manipulating.

The basic core of creative algorithm design to me seems the ability to
imagine all of the features that programming languages offer, used in
unbounded combination.

Like practicing musical scales, it could make sense to imagine each
feature used in combination with each other, in each way it might be

There are of course some combinations that are far, far more useful
than others: but we want this to be easy and quick to identify.


My situation is a little unique in that I tend to get “triggered”,
quotes unneeded perhaps, by components and combinations that have been
crux in projects I have worked on at certain times.

For me, practicing the triggering components and combinations is
possibly most difficult and also most useful. Luckily for developing
useful notes, these are both numerous and generally very useful for
multiple things. Such as graphs, I have a big inhibition around
anything to do with graphs.

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