Video: Aera-IP on Litigation Finance in Europe and Abroad

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Patent and trademark litigation is forecast to increase as Europe’s Unified
Patent Court (UPC) opens in Q4-22, or Q1-23. Aera-IP is a Nordic
consultancy focused on serving clients with various EU IP claims. Aera-IP
has published a series of videos profiling what legal professionals should
expect when the UPC opens, and what funding opportunities may be available
to inventors.

Aera-IP’s video discussions
the future of IP litigation are expansive, with four features totaling
nearly two hours of discussion. Aera-IP features Stephanie Southwick
(Investment Manager and Legal Counsel at Omni Bridgeway), in a near
half-hour video discussing litigation investment insights for funding EU IP

With the opening of Europe’s UPC, many are forecasting a wide range of
international patent and trademark claims that could set historic precedent
in terms of inventor protections.

Click here
check out Aera-IP’s video discussions.
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