[ot][spam][personal] notes/spam/memorization: append-only random writes

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Sat Oct 15 06:45:01 PDT 2022

I was thinking maybe the task of building this datastructure that
provides for randomly writing to an append-only medium could be broken
into 3 parts.

- slicing a chunk: easier if an interface for the store is specified,
to retrieve written data
- optimizing a sequence that includes sliced chunks by reorganising
their metadata. i think i included a number of optimizations in one of
the attempts that might be copyable out.
- selecting which nodes to merge when writing a new chunk so as to
make balanced trees. i really simplified code for this in the
flat_tree repo.

I’ve done all these three things in separate attempts, but not
together in the same one.
Enumerating them seems to make it much easier to thin’ about, and
gives an outline to memorize.

1. selecting which nodes to merge (xloem/flat_tree append structure,
can be improved to work from middle)
2. slicing chunks (means the library must have access to old
internodes to pull chunks out of them)
3. optimizing out redundant information when reusing old nodes

They kind of overlap, and some important choices are left out, but
these are the things I’ve presently been struggling to conceptualise
near each other, I think.

A good next thing to add might be just a comforting reminder of a way
to make the append approach work from the middle. I think the hardest
part was whether or not a “middle node” should be considered and what
it would be.
I recall I had some interest in making leaves and internodes be the
same class, but unresolved considering of it meant there could be
slowdowns if that was done hastily.
Maybe it could be interesting and useful to leave out #3 and use a
heuristic for #1, and consider what problems remain in the result.

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