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ch 11

- 3 ways people leave mind control groups
- walking out
- being kicked out (often in a very poor human state)
- counseled out

- most former members are walkouts without counseling
- indoctrinated habits can remain, which can be mysterious to those
who hold them

in book, author says it is rare to have a social situation which leads
to a breakthrough about phobia indoctrination. this seems so
surprising to me, both from personal experiences, and when later in
the chapter the author describes how triggers are everywhere for
years. it seems so very important to me to probably protect and engage
such things.

- people leave because they get shocked from a doctrine exposure,,
often due to recruiter mistake or because they engage internal
conflicts, such as an unpleasant superior or a contradiction, or after
being raised in the cult and then connecting with the outside world
such as via public school
- despite leaving, walkouts may still believe the doctrine, not
knowing that the doctrine and situations come from the same source

- people are kicked out because they ask many questions or become very
injured in some way or a liability in some other way
- kickouts are in the worst shape, and feel severely rejected, including by god
- may have lost all their possessions, and social and family and
various support systems, to the cult
- phobic toward the non-cult world
- kickouts commit suicide, and research on this is badly needed
- survivors may be diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizoaffective
disorder, bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder
- acute psychosis is usually from cult mind control, as cults rarely
recruit people hard to influence

a man was programmed to believe that leaving meant instant insanity.
after being kicked out, he did go crazy as happens when kicked out,
and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. this lived experience reinforced
the belief.

can actually get driven crazy aggressively, as many on this list have
likely experienced. it is hard for somebody locked in a hospital while
experiencing wonky stuff, to file a lawsuit etc.

the man was banging his head against the wall because he had learned
in his cult that this was an approach for self improvement. the
hospital did not interview him for reasons, which appears very normal.

- cult conditioning is reinforced when cultg jargon is repeated
internally, cult practices followed, or cult teachings thought about

i've noticed it's not that the teaching are necessarily all wrong, but
that the indoctrination happens in their engvironment, so believing
them gives strong-rooted bad habits a foothold in the mind

- institutional medical environments have encouraged clients to return to cults

it's somewhat discouraging how little writing time that gets [i've
been coping with amnesia writing notes. i didn't manage to preserve
the rest of this line.]

anyway, the fact that doctors and caseworkers were encouraging this
guy to return to his guru cult seems quite strange, and the tone of
the author seems that he may be simply sharing shock regarding this
particular part, rather than talking about its workings and how to
engage it. is it bribery? are they cult membes? is it mind control /
do they even remember the relations afterward or realise what they are
saying? often in institutions i've had people say they were told some
things by a larger formal body, or from a training resource. i've also
gotten a lot of very sharp dense coincidences around social networks
and such.

a cult member complained their "spiritual body was disintegrating".
having experienced similar unpleasantness, i'm relating that spiritual
experiences are just that: experiences. when one's experiences go away
or change, this is quite frightening, especially if one relied on them
as a core aspect of one's life and has never heard of them changing
from any cause. i'm just talking about when things feel special,
important, sacred, intuitive, etc. just feelings and ways of finding
creativity and such.

- suffering is prolonged when walkouts or kickouts do not receive
specialized counseling. not understanding mind control reduces the
fullness of their lives, and a risk is run that their experiences can
burst back.
- without counseling, the cult mindset can return after many years,
with the right trigger

these things seem really similar to me to the experiences of the
targeted individuals. i might tentatively-but-confidently describe the
targeted individual community as one of people who have been
aggressively rejected by cults.

- further efforts to train professionals are needed
- a cult recovery sensitivity and training program was given in 2014
associated with a psychiatrist

- kickouts are the second-largest group of ex-members

- those counseled out of cults are the smallest group

i'm sending this so as to not lose it today while concerned around
device glitches.

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