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Mr. Weber:

Here is a good graduate reaching study on this important concern:

The MoneyGram reference above seems to resemble a pattern of behavior
between Brex, Apple Card and MoneyGram interlocking directorates.

Recently, published Federal sources describe interlocking directorates as
an “‘enterprise includes any individual, partnership, corporation,
association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals
associated in fact although not a legal entity.”

Yesterday, DFS denied our Apple Card FOIL records request seeking New
York's available records on the relationship between Apple Card and Goldman

Mr. Weber, Peter Oppenheimer is the former senior vice president and Chief
Financial Officer of Apple Inc and has been a member of the board of
directors of Goldman Sachs since 2014. - is worried that today's Apple Card, Goldman Sachs
announcement is party to extreme neglect on the side of DFS. Mr. Weber,
understand we have other 'Africa Education' FOIL requests to DFS.

Now, Apple is party to potentially the world's largest scholarship fraud
out of Africa. You may note this graduate education comes from UNIC and the
sister UNICAF universities.

Thank you,


On Thu, Oct 13, 2022, 4:11 PM Gunnar Larson <g at> wrote:

> Mr. Weber:
> Given our concerns with Brex and Apple Card, we would like DFS to explain
> any racket activity between MoneyGram in New York State and the United
> States via Walmart.
> Here is a good graduate reaching study on this important concern:
> Mr. Weber, between Brex, Apple Card, MoneyGram and your role at the Museum
> of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement ... You may understand -
>'s approach.
> For these good reasons, - would like to invite your public
> on the situation by end of week.
> Warm regards and thank you,
> Gunnar
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> New York City Police Department MoneyGram Relationship
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> Dear Sir or Madam: research:
> The New York City Police Department has a relationship with MoneyGram. We
> would like to receive any and all information related to the NYPD's
> relationship with MoneyGram ticket payment options. For example, we would
> like to receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions the NYPD has with
> MoneyGram. Furthermore, how does NY-DFS manage discretion with MoneyGram
> and the New York State BitLicense. For example, Ripple, a New York State
> BitLicense awardee has a long history with MoneyGram. Are MoneyGram and the
> NYPD in bed together, via the New York State Department of Financial
> Services? Thank you, Gunnar Larson
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> further processing of your request. Please allow up to five business days
> for such communication(s). For your convenience, here is additional contact
> information:
> New York State Police
> 1220 Washington Avenue
> Bldg 22
> Albany, NY 12226-2252
> Division of the Budget
> State Capitol
> Room 128
> Albany, NY 12224
> Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
> 1220 Washington Ave
> Building 7A
> Albany, NY 12226
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