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> Never before in US history has a party such as Democrats
> engaged in 10+ years of flat out fraudulent politics...

Joe Biden and Democrats and their entire Admin are total
insane corrupt political frauds abusing office solely to maintain
themselves in power. They don't work for you, only themselves.
Drained the SPR for political purposes, raised taxes, canceled
energy, inflated everything, continued COVID scam, woke bullshit,
lies after lies after lies, concocted disinfo teams, took more of 1st 2nd 4th
amendments unconstitutionally, turned FBI and Media into even more of
political jokes, and worse. So corrupt that even the Gabbard democrat
had conscience to quit them.
Democrat Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig: "I will never stop standing
up for Big Pharma and standing against my constituents!"
On 3/24/21, Attorney General @JoshShapiroPA sent a letter to Mark
Zuckerburg and Jack Dorsey, asking them to deplatform anyone who
would, “...downplay the dangers of COVID-19 and spread misinformation
about the safety of vaccines.” And at least AG-CT William Tong also.
No One Fucks With a Biden!!! -- Joe Biden... Lol.
How about you let the boys in Texas drill and push the prices down? Oh
no, can’t do that. They vote the wrong way. Better to threaten a
foreign nation into doing our bidding.
WATCH: Biden vowed the US will take action on Saudi Arabia for
refusing to lower oil prices before the election
Quid pro quo to influence and election. But watch the media fall all
over themselves to try and cover it up for President Potted Plant.
Not just a meme.
This looks an awful lot like the president of the United States
threatening to remove weaponry from a purported ally unless that ally
performs actions that help that president politically in advance of an
election. Wasn't Trump impeached for that?
The people who shutdown your businesses, didn’t let you see your dying
loved ones in the hospital, fired your for not taking the jab, and
took pleasure in masking your two-year-old, are now asking you to
re-elect them so they can keep their jobs.
@KariLake has a strong lead among voters between the ages of 18 to 39
she leads Katie Hobbs by 11 points among that age group.
Please DO NOT RT this video of Stephen Colbert interviewing an Obama
supporter about the plan for Ukraine in 2014 as it would be very
distressing the mononarrative today!

Kanye + OKeefe + KidRock... in the house.

Coming up LIVE on Steve Bannon's War Room to talk the Biden-Saudi Quid
Pro Quo Scandal...
FLASHBACK: Here is the Left losing their minds claiming Trump
threatened to withhold military aid to a foreign country in exchange
for a political favor Exactly what Biden is doing to Saudi

Impeach #QuidProJoe!

Quid Pro No; Saudi Arabia Says US Asked For Oil-Cut Delay Until After Midterms

Joe Biden may be great at threatening vassal state governments into
firing investigators looking into corruption by his 'energy expert'
son's benefactor...

But when it comes to threatening the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with
'consequences' if they cut oil production, they weren't having it.

In a scorching Wednesday letter, the Kingdom rejected White House
criticism of OPEC+'s decision to cut oil production, and confirmed
that the Biden administration attempted to coerce them into postponing
the cuts until after midterms.

    BREAKING: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirms Biden attempted to
coerce them to postpone oil cuts until after the midterms, announce
they have rejected his quid pro quo
    — Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) October 13, 2022

Hours before the letter was released, White House national security
adviser Ned Price denied rumors that the administration asked for the

    "I certainly can’t confirm that report. What I can confirm is that
we conveyed a consistent message to the Saudis: energy supply needs to
meet energy demand. We have made the point repeatedly that we have a
multiplicity of interests with Saudi Arabia; energy is one of them,"
he said at a State Department press briefing.

    "And in the context of those discussions regarding energy, we have
had senior members of the administration travel to Saudi Arabia in
recent months. This was not—this engagement did not take place solely
in the context of October 2022 or September 2022."

But the Saudi foreign minister's statement hours later made clear that
"the Government of the Kingdom clarified through its continuous
consultation with the U.S. Administration that all economic analyses
indicate that postponing the OPEC+ decision for a month, according to
what has been suggested, would have had negative economic

More via The Epoch Times;

After OPEC+ on Oct. 5 decided to slash oil output by 2 million barrels
per day, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters
aboard Air Force One that it was a “mistake” and accused the group of
“aligning with Russia.”

Russia is one of the OPEC+ cartel’s 13 key members, along with Iraq,
Iran, Kuwait, Venezuela, and more.

Responding to the criticism, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister insisted
OPEC’s decision was “purely” about maintaining a balance of supply and
demand and limiting volatility in the oil markets.

    “The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would first like to
express its total rejection of these statements that are not based on
facts, and which are based on portraying the OPEC+ decision out of its
purely economic context,” bin Farhan Al Saud said in a statement.

White House ‘Attempts to Distort Facts’ ‘Are Unfortunate’

Bin Farhan Al Saud said Saudi Arabia takes a “principled position”
with respect to the Russia-Ukraine war and described the attempts of
White House officials “to distort the facts” as “unfortunate” but
ultimately unpersuasive.

Saudi Arabia, the foreign minister said, supports U.N. resolutions
regarding the Russia-Ukraine war “based on the Kingdom’s position on
the importance for all countries to adhere to the United Nations
Charter, principles of international law, and the kingdom’s rejection
of any infringement on the sovereignty of countries over their
Representatives of OPEC member countries attend a press conference
after the 45th Meeting of the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee
and the 33rd OPEC and non-OPEC Ministerial Meeting in Vienna, Austria,
on Oct. 5, 2022. (Vladimir Simicek/AFP via Getty Images)

“The Kingdom stresses that while it strives to preserve the strength
of its relations with all friendly countries, it affirms its rejection
of any dictates, actions, or efforts to distort its noble objectives
to protect the global economy from oil market volatility,” bin Farhan
Al Saud said.

Bin Farhan Al Saud added that the kingdom views its relationship with
the United States “as a strategic one” beneficial to both, and in what
was perhaps a diplomatic hint, stressed the importance of “building on
the solid pillars” of the relationship.

    “The Kingdom also stresses the importance of building on the solid
pillars upon which the Saudi-U.S. relationship had stood over the past
eight decades,” he said.

    “These pillars include mutual respect, enhancing common interests,
actively contributing to preserve regional and international peace and
security, countering terrorism and extremism, and achieving prosperity
for the peoples of the region.”

Midterms Pressure

The Saudi official’s statement on the heels of OPEC’s decision deals a
second blow to President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats ahead of
the midterms.

The Biden administration had for months tried to lobby Saudi Arabia to
produce more oil, not less, with Biden even visiting the kingdom in

OPEC’s decision to reduce oil production puts pressure on the Biden
administration, which has significantly dipped into the U.S. Strategic
Petroleum Reserve (SPR) for several months in an effort to keep gas
prices down for Americans, citing the Russia-Ukraine war for higher
Gas prices over the $6.00 mark are advertised at a 76 Station in Santa
Monica, Calif., on May 26, 2022. (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

The cartel’s decision to cut oil production also signifies Biden’s
failure to influence Saudi Arabia during the July visit to the kingdom
to ask for increased oil production amid historically high U.S. gas

Since Biden took office in January 2021, Republicans and oil industry
officials have lambasted the administration for ending construction of
the Keystone XL pipeline, suspending drilling leases, and favoring
electric vehicles.

Officials in his administration have also been accused of being out of
touch with ordinary Americans’ concerns while touting electric cars in
the face of record-high gas prices earlier this year.

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