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Good morning:

We would like to appeal this decision.

“We would like to receive any and all records, relating to NY-DFS' 2021
Apple Card Investigation. This is one part of a broader discussion we must
have about equal credit access. On March 23, 2021, Ms. Linda Lacewell
published NY-DFS' Findings on Apple Card and its Underwriter Goldman Sachs
Bank. As the former Superintendent of NY-DFS, Ms. Lacewell's stone faced
propaganda assured that Apple Card did not discriminate against women,
while under Goldman Sachs management. The red flags started to appear when
an authorized user drew attention to the following: A person who relies on
a spouse's access to credit, and only accesses those accounts as an
authorized user, may incorrectly believe they have the same credit profile
as the spouse. We recently collated 61 highlights to the Report on Apple
Card Investigation from March 2021:
The Apple Card investigation was to assess women's access to equitable
finance. The
integrity of the Apple Card investigation must be rationally considered as
flawed. We would like to receive any and all records of Ms. Linda
Lacewell's (emails, texts, and
similar) involvement with the 2021 Apple Card report. We would like to
receive any and all records to NY-DFS association to evaluating Ms. Linda
Lacewell's ability to score a report specific to the Apple Card's core
subject of credit access for women. Finally, we would like to receive any
and all records related to NY-DFS guidance on Interlocking
Directorates (
rlocking_Directors_and_Officers), specific to Apple's Board of Directors
and Goldman
Sachs' Board of Directors.”

Please forgive my candor, but if DFS actually conducted an 'Apple Card
Investigation' ... There would be some records relating to the

Warm regards and thank you,


Gunnar Larson -

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> Dear Gunnar Larson:
> Please see the attached determination in response to your FOIL request.
> Thank you.
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