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The Law Society of Scotland shares a new debrief of the Post Office
scandal. The story goes: When the Horizon computer system found over 736
sub-postmasters were allegedly grifting from the United Kingdom’s postal
budgets, they were summarily punished. However, Horizon’s back office
capabilities were later found to contain bugs and other system defects that
allegedly found workers at fault by mistake. Enter litigation funding, a
utility that many of the former post office workers found necessary to
clear their name.

According to the Law Society of Scotland
February of 2022 saw the initiation of a public debate and investigation on
the totality of the Post Office scandal’s effects. The whole affair is
being dubbed an extreme case of United Kingdom justice malfeasance.
Furthermore, the Law Society explains that about 10% of the 736 criminal
records have been overturned. A class of 555 claimants have won
restitution, totaling £20,000 each.

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read more about the Law Society of Scotland’s take on the Post Office
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