Morning Spam

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Sat Oct 8 01:52:40 PDT 2022

> family comes first here.
> disguised experimentee: “it sounds like you’re aware more now of
> things that are going on, and have some ideas of how we can stop it
> more effectively.”
> [here, puddle of organs realises that experimentee is mind controlled,
> despite leading the rebellion for years, and takes charge themselves
> to help them and others. this is a major turning point where the most
> passive victim steps in with power.]

mistake: did not address puddle of organs’ pain. looks like i got numbed.
not sure how to say it. maybe focus on mind control being what is
evil, not the friend who was forced to run the grinder. experimentee
could talk about how they found the part of boss’s brain that made him
support mind control and forced it to change. builds connection around
unaddressed pain of somebody doing this.  maybe could open to a simple
restorative justice roleplay between boss and puddle of organs.

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