Morning Spam

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Sat Oct 8 01:35:50 PDT 2022

the question of whether to “let the business still run” or “keep
mcboss alive” engages my own mind-control-like-experiences.

i really value eveyone, and my mind-control-like-experiences step in
and focus on me valuing mean people in power: when i pull away from
it, it then encourages me to see people as harmful, and get angry with
them. this is alien and abhorrent to me. i end up flipping back and
forth and never developing rational thoughts and decisions that are

that’s one of the reasons why the experimentees stay within the
research labs and keep making the business run. although we all know
that many of them do reach utopia, and are 8ncredibly helpful in
making the world a better place when they do. unfortunately it is very
hard for them to realise how helpful they really could be, if they
were more free.

so, experimentee would have their own realisation, when hearing this
crucial information from puddle of organs.

experimentee briefly looks wide-eyed at puddle of organs
they’re torn between the realisation that they can save more people if
they stop the business more
and their care for puddle of organs, one of their closest family, whom
they protected through the most gruesome situations, who is now in
need of emotional support.

family comes first here.

disguised experimentee: “it sounds like you’re aware more now of
things that are going on, and have some ideas of how we can stop it
more effectively.”

[here, puddle of organs realises that experimentee is mind controlled,
despite leading the rebellion for years, and takes charge themselves
to help them and others. this is a major turning point where the most
passive victim steps in with power.]

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