TOR indifferentism

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Oct 7 16:45:58 PDT 2022

>>>  TOX

Tox is similar project to Briar and Cwtch, but it doesn’t use Tor– it’s just PE. <<<

Since the Pentagon probably has a sort of Chainanalysis for TOR by now, I infer TOX developed at least partly in response- Yes?

And now more and more can become remailers who even needs TOR?  " Everyone a remailer! "

Cypherpunks collapse governments.

Subject: Everyone a remailer: Everyone a Mint: Everyone an assassin

Strong-crypto, digital money, anonymous networks, pseudonyms, zero- knowledge proofs, reputations, information-markets, netwar, collapse-of-governments

In the developing labyrinth progress will be slower, but sure, toward distributed, P-P, encrypted, alternate OS plug ins that will
accomplish all we seek to achieve.

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