[spam] [wrong] [self-obsoleting] A Perfect Cryptographic System

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Wed Oct 5 11:29:31 PDT 2022

I humorously propose a cryptography between human beings based on shared
experience alone. The “private key” is the impact of that shared experience
on the human heart.

In pair with an AI capable of simulating the recipient(s) based on
information known about them, one considers a unique experience shared with
the recipient(s). Implications, details, and feelings regarding the
experience are enumerated until the AI discerns strong enough likelihood
that the recipient(s) would find a cryptographically sufficient set of
similar ones.

The enumerations are compressed into ideas, trigger words, a short
stimulating phrase, etc. These are the public key material. They must
depend on both parties’ personalities, and also the moment of shared

The details considered in the mind of the sender(s) or recipient(s) are the
private key material, which are privately extracted by the AI and used as a
symmetric key.

On receipt, the recipient(s) engage the ideas, trigger words, etc, gently
and slowly, calmly thinking of them and feeling around them. An AI watches
their mind, looking for private key material. Once sufficient material is
found, the message is decrypted.

The system may work with a stranger if something important is known about
the stranger indicating a need to contact them — and fails if this
important thing turns out to be false.

There are vulnerabilities that can be addressed by building a respectful
society and government if you have one.

The AI can be replaced with very extensive practice on the part of the
sender, and patient work on the part of the recipient.

All early daydream guesses for fun! I believe it is quite implementable. I
did not review for vulnerabilities much.
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