Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Oct 5 00:42:16 PDT 2022

ProgLeftSocComDem Politicians... making both themselves and
their ProgLeftSocComDem comrades David Barrett and Professor Rat
look like clowns everyday...
Get your COVID booster today

David Barrett Lost The Debates. He couldn't even answer his
own easy question, nor those posed by others, then he exit stage left.

On 11/11/21, David Barrett <dbarrett at> wrote:
> Can you help me understand what motivation a conspiracy of all the world's
> health agencies would have to intentionally suppress lvermectin?

Which among the following do you believe have suppressed,
censored, banned, deleted, cancelled, biased against, voted
lawed regulated policied mandated ordered or enforced against,
lied about, blackballed, pulled doctor licenses, deranked,
demonetized... among other suppressive influences, including
refusing to conduct proper and equally sized studies, refusing
to disclose documents in the public interest... and more...
regarding Ivermectin, HCQ, etc...

- World's health agencies
- Governments
- Corporations
- News Media
- Social Media
- Big Tech
- Democrats, Socialists, Leftists

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