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Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a cute little bloodthirsty
demon named MCBoss.

MCBoss was playing in the yard one day when something came to them.

MCBoss: "I want to take over the minds of everyone in the world, and
bend them all to be my slaves!"

MCBoss was playing with their neighbor, Experimentee.

Experimentee: "That's stupid. You can't control everyone's minds!"

This was confusing to MCBoss. They were in a delusion, and believed
that they could. The delusion was strong!

MCBoss: "I already do! I mind controlled you to be born, and my
demonic summoner to summon me, and everybody to like sugary foods,

MCBoss scrawled it on a stone tablet, to indicate how important it was.

Experimentee: "You ddin't do that!"

MCBoss stared at Experimentee.

Experimentee stared back at MCBoss.

MCBoss started crying and ran to their demonic summoner's home.

In time, MCBoss learned it was silly to mind control the whole world,
dropped their demonic tail and horns, and went to school for interior


3 Years Later


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