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> How about "Letz goe Braandun" ?
> You read it here FiRST!
> Jim Bell
>> On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 1:42 AM, grarpamp
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>> Now users speech is even banned off stupid insanely
>> expensive products, only by Leftist Corp's of course,
>> those valuing free speech should sell PTON ...
>> Peloton Blocks Users From Using #LetsGoBrandon Hashtag
>> "Let's Go Brandon!" has become a political rallying cry among
>> conservative-Trump-loving Americans to show their defiance against
>> President Biden. The phrase has gone viral since Oct. 2's NASCAR race
>> at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, after a reporter
>> interviewing racecar driver Brandon Brown quickly spoke over the crowd
>> who was chanting "F at ck Joe Biden!" She said, "You can hear the chants
>> from the crowd. Let's go Brandon!"
>> The "Let's Go, Brandon" movement is a unique public response that
>> shows their discontent for the Biden administration. Billboards,
>> bumper stickers, yard signs, rap songs, guns, memes, and trending
>> hashtags continue to go viral. But one place that has banned the
>> phrase is fitness equipment company Peloton.
>> According to PJ Media, Peloton members used the tag "#LetsGoBrandon"
>> in their profile to connect with other like-minded users. Not too long
>> after they tagged their profiles, Peloton immediately banned the use
>> of it.
>> One user shared a screenshot of an alert from the fitness equipment
>> company that said, "this tag does not meet our guidelines. Please
>> contact Support if you believe this is an error."
>> Peloton also banned the #StopTheSteal and #TrumpWon hashtags. The
>> company did allow #ImpeachBiden, #WomenForTrump, and others. However,
>> #BlackLivesMatter has almost 270,000 members, while #AllLivesMatter
>> has been banned.
>> Peloton added profile tags during the virus pandemic to "provide a
>> more robust way for our Members to connect through shared interests or
>> identity," according to Peloton, adding that tags will make "the in
>> and out of class experience feel more personal and relevant.
>> Peloton told the Washington Examiner that it has "a zero-tolerance
>> policy against divisive, explicit, or other content that violates our
>> policies."
>> "We welcome Members from all walks of life to represent themselves
>> through their Tags or by having thoughtful conversations in our
>> groups."
>> Users of the fitness bike told PJ Media they are tired of liberal
>> left-wing propaganda being forced down their throats. "We can't have a
>> 'Let's Go Brandon'?" said one user.
>> "For a company who claims to be so inclusive, they sure do alienate a
>> big portion of its members," another user said. "Attempting to silence
>> our voices will not silence us. It will only grow our will to speak
>> louder."
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