Assange's Case #FREEASSANGE

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Oct 2 21:41:14 PDT 2022

6 days to go! - On 8 October thousands will join together to form a
#HumanChain to #SurroundParliament in support of Julian #Assange

Be there.


AU: Melbourne

San Francisco will form a human chain on SF Ferry Bridge
San Francisco will gather on October 8 @ noon to form a human chain at
the SF Ferry Bldg. Plaza and to call on the Biden Dept. of Justice to
drop the prosecution of Julian Assange. We will link together with
yellow "Free Assange" ribbons. Join us!

A $100k donation could more than buy and deliver on time enough
handcuffs without keys for everyone to lock themselves together
in solidarity for Julian and his release.

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