Wikileaks: Julian Assange - Journalism, Leaks, Collateral Murder, Censorship

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> What's The Difference Between 'Villain' Assange & 'Intrepid' Woodward?
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>> The completely fair super awesome trial of Julian Assange continues in the U.K. as I write this. It’s a beautiful blend of the works of Kafka, Stalin and Joseph Heller.
> Most people here will be way too old to remember this, but there was the "Pentagon Papers" case in 1971, that pre-dated Watergate by a year or so. The New York Times received some military documents that had been ILLEGALLY copied by Daniel Ellsberg.
> The Federal government wanted to enjoin (prohibit) the NYT from publishing that material. Eventually, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Feds COULD NOT prohibit this publication.
> Also, I think nobody was ever prosecuted for this. They were so embarrassed...
> Jim Bell
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