Collapse: Peak Oil Is Real

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Sun Oct 2 13:43:18 PDT 2022

> Reserve to production ratio for oil and gas goes belly up in
> 50 years, so you've got about 25 years till shit gets interesting.
> Ever wonder why they targeted renewables at 2050, it
> wasn't to be random or cute, now you know.
> Obvious

in re subs: limits to growth, collapse, energy, overshoot, etc

Global politicians are gaslighting and lying to you, far beyond 1984.
The secret of the informed few is that the planet
is simply running out of fuel and other resources.
It's not a question of [gambles on] doing economic accessibility,
renewables, conservation, 100++ year technology, or anything else.
You Humans have exceeded multiple natural limits of reserves and rates.
Even renewables and fusion consume resources in harnessing and delivery.
The only net-sustainable future is massive depopulation,
at least 7.5B must die off [1] and not be replaced.

Net Zero, the cold hard laws of physical world, cannot be escaped.

Expect, and prepare for, crazy times. There's no tomorrow (2012, Docu)

[1] Or be killed off [intentionally as they might], to wit, see:
- Wars, including recent nuclear rhetoric
- COVID, vax
- Bio weapons targeting differential DNA
- Toxins, Famine, Plague
- Politically induced

Refs in Docu:

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