Cypherpunks are revolting

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Oct 1 18:44:29 PDT 2022

Since Bismark the state form has added Ponzi social-security schemes to its traditional protection racket.
The immediate challenge for crypto-anarchist revolutionaries is to destroy the protection rackets while maintaining a social-safety-net many now rely upon. Make partial destroy. Fortunately crypto-currencies make this a snack.
Cypherpunks collapse governments.
Subject: Everyone a remailer: Everyone a Mint: Everyone an assassin

Strong-crypto, digital money, anonymous networks, pseudonyms, zero- knowledge proofs, reputations, information-markets, netwar, collapse-of-governments.

What forbids us translating the freedom afforded by the Internet to ordinary life?
I think that blockchains will replace armies for national defense, because a blockchain-based assassination market will be created…" Zach. CryptoGo  

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