That Kim John Young is more FBI than CIA

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Nov 30 15:35:38 PST 2022

Data points more persuasive than his defacto marriage to the stupid, cuntish daughter of a CIA agent and stupid shitty jerk-off games with Alex Jones - with enemies like Infowars Langley doesn't need friends! - exist. 

They include, but are not limited to his various COINTELPRO like activities such as publishing a Manson-style call for Helter Skelter against ' 20 million mud-people '. 

Young has even met FBI agents in person ( according to him )

Now its possible he works for both the CIA and the FBI.  Perhaps the KGB could confirm this?

Double, even triple agents have been known to exist. But we are dealing with realities here, not speculation.
And the reality is list founder, Mong, put out a ' Burn Notice ' on this creep decades ago.
As a self-described Marxist alone that means he hates cryptoanarchy.
Its antisemitic turds like this that make all cypherpunks look bad - right Juan?

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