Brain-dead to the Max

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Nov 29 03:30:42 PST 2022

Backstabber swans around with Ardoino and Mow while Saylor starts babbling like the My-Pillow guy - but all this is all quite fine with the Maxi hardcore.

" This is fine "

And Big Dog is now King of Kings?

Must be a power-law relation between a lower price and Godly status.

Left-wing DeFi an infantile disorder

’ . . .The “crypto” industry will be purged by a successful bitcoin industry. This silver lining of this year has been a clear distinction between bitcoin and “crypto”. Now it’s time to double down and harden the tools that will bring the world a P2P digital cash system. . . "

When the quasi-religion gets boring start channeling Lenin and Trotsky ( or Adolph and Goebbels )

They'll be running a hot-iron down the backs of us cyber-kulaks before you can say ' Stalin ". Feh

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