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Mon Nov 28 17:52:58 PST 2022

draft of part of blurb about Rebel Worker 2

Rebel Worker 2 is a middle manager with a little engineering
experience, who works hard to take down harmful business enterprises
like MCBoss’s. He works at a shell corporation, and is originally
unaware that MCBoss owns the business he works at.
Rebel Worker 2 has been both physically implanted and hypnotically
split into alters, and has a separate life he is completely unaware of
where he works in a power cult to spread influence and manage fallout.
Early on in the story, Rebel Worker 2 becomes partly aware of this,
and begins leveraging technical resources to track, log, and
disempower the power cult, navigating his own triggers to do so. This
meshes with his work with a handful of normal rebel groups, whom he
has been occasionally participating in surgical oppression of, but
usually works hard in solidarity with.
Rebel Worker 2 has access to various rebel resources via these groups.
He originally has not met Janitor personally. He is a cross between an
actual rebel and a well meaning worker fighting the good fight. He
would hide a refugee or escapee in a heartbeat, but naively turn them
over to a coerced doctor or aid worker. He loves doing what is fight,
and is very excited when he gets to join Disguised Escapee and protect
and empower the victims of the larger enterprise, and gets to learn
how its furnace is fired by a huge web of corruption and secret
avenues of power, some of which he already tracked in his work.

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