Is Mollusk part French?

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Nov 28 15:47:05 PST 2022

The gallic arrogance of this bullfrog.  Another Napoleonic Jackass. Very Assange. And didn't the French help Seth Efrikka test a bomb once?

TWITTER keeps suspending me without saying why. So Mollusk is a hypocrite or a liar - probably both.

WIKILEAKs will become a mildly interesting sideshow phenomena again before Twitter. Money can’t buy you love, moron.

And as the fascist Chinese Police Surveillance state rots down so Elon Musk’s monopoly-money-app will lurch up. His Palantir pals must be so proud!

Then if " BITCOIN NOT CRYPTO " means anything it means Mollusk is a dogshit-coiner.

But youse knew that. 

Everything for the state - nothing outside the state  - nothing against any state regulating Twitter, dogs!

What a fucking joke. And Mars!?

Shouldn't that be . . . URANUS?


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