grancrap's jewnazi war in ukraine grarpamp at

punk punks at
Mon Nov 28 11:24:16 PST 2022

	rockwell is a right-wing, US jew-kristian nazi and US corporatist. But even such a turd isn't corrupt enough to parrot pentagon propaganda (unlike grancrap)

	"US government is imprisoning Julian Assange for journalism which exposed US war crimes, US government  paid for the weapons used to destroy more than 20 Palestinian media outlets in Gaza last month, US government whose unipolar domination of the planet is made possible by the journalism-destroying propaganda of the media-owning plutocratic class in alliance with sociopathic government agencies." 

	in a word, "grancrap" - grarpamp at

	"If you peel away all the narrative spin and outward politeness, the US empire just looks like any other tyrannical force that has ever existed throughout human history, except it kills a lot more people than most of the others." 

	"The sooner humanity can extract the parasite that is the US empire from its skin, the better off the whole world will be." 

	"The struggle against American global hegemony explains Putin’s foreign policy. " 

	like I said, anybody who isn't fully corrupt is on russia's side. 

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