Cryptocurrency: Noting The Carnage

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Nov 27 20:40:11 PST 2022


There are some major question marks about state entanglement,
potential involvement of intelligence operatives and the corruption of
captured regulators are all major open questions that I just don’t
have answers to.

Was FTX a plant to bring down the Crypto industry and justify tighter

Was FTX a front for money flowing from Crypto traders and Tech VCs
into Democrat coffers?

Why is the mainstream media reporting on this event as if SBF is just
a failed entrepreneur who dreamed too big, rather than a fraud who
appropriated customer funds?

Who was behind the success of FTX? Who is Gary Wang?

We likely won’t ever get satisfactory answers to these questions. The
family political links between major characters in this story are
deeply suspicious. As one Crypto Twitter account that has been
covering the news relentlessly said:

“This FTX fiasco is *really* doing its best to confirm every single
conspiracy theory anyone has ever had about anything.”

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