Mollusk a millstone slowing us down

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Nov 27 08:36:36 PST 2022

Thanks a million moron

" . . .since the takeover, Elon Musk has not been very enthusiastic about implementing any kind of decentralized technology to Twitter. In his personal chat with ex-FTX CEO, he stated that it would be hard to make the platform run on a blockchain from a technical perspective, which is why implementation of crypto makes no sense. 
Though Musk made it clear that Twitter will not become blockchain-based, nothing holds the entrepreneur back from accepting certain cryptocurrencies as payment for services on the network, like the blue confirmation mark. 
The Cardano creator himself offered Musk help in making Twitter more blockchain-friendly, however, the entrepreneur showed no interest . . . "

Repost clickbait exposes ADA as govt spycoin

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