[spam][crazy][fiction][random] Non-Canon MCBoss Spinoffs

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Sun Nov 27 00:28:56 PST 2022

Boss Writes Code

Boss [mind controlled to write code]: “Okay I got one of your computer things.”

Specialist [mind controlled to help Boss write code]: “Could you
install Linux so it’s more familiar for me?”

Boss: “Of course!”

Boss [to Specialist] [handing computer]: “Please install Linux on this
system. It’s for a special project.”

Specialist [to Boss]: “Yes sir.”

Specialist installs Linux on Boss’s computer, and sets it up with a
development environment.

Specialist [to Boss] [handing computer back]: “All done sir.”

Boss [to Specialist]: “Great.”

Boss: “Okay, I had Linux installed.”

Boss and Specialist look at Boss’s computer. It has a code editor open.

Boss: “What’s next?”

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