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Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Sat Nov 26 08:23:20 PST 2022


Training: Being An Employee

When your body, mind, soul, and office wing are being constantly
transformed into random factories and plays by diverse runaway AI, you
need a training on Staying A Human Employee.

After you have uploaded your entire being to the unfailing
experimentee research program, where mind controlled children direct
nanites day and night to keep you and your office intact, it is, in
the end, up to you and your consciousness to Stay an Employee, and not
go off and turn into the body of the employee of some competing
business doing the same.

Sit, and meditate on being yourself. Time limit: at least 15 minutes.

If you trouble and find yourself suddenly bursting into the shape of,
say, a water faucet, and fleeing: Hold Strong, and immediately and
repeatedly inform Cyborg Experimentee until the experience reverses.
During this, continue to focus hard on being yourself.

If it is a bad time of day i.e. an ongoing cyberattack is outcompeting
us, our focus will be profiled and coopted and our entire souls all
turned into water faucets for a distant nation. If this happens, our
advance apologies, and please file an appropriate complaint with human
resources so that anybody can ever find out it happened.

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